PCT Day 39

Non-PCT Miles: 3.7

Photo: Descending into Lone Pine

Made it to Lone Pine! It’s a small accomplishment for most, but for me, it's a large one. A few days ago I was feeling quite nervous about hiking again after being away for so long so I’m pretty happy that I made it 45 miles up the trail. Just taking it one town at a time! 

Last night we all camped at a junction where the PCT splits from Cottonwood Pass. I took the pass down to a camper’s parking lot to try and get a hitch into Lone Pine while the rest of the crew stayed on the PCT. It was sad to leave the new friends I made behind, but I needed the rest and a few more days of resupply. We said our goodbyes and hoped we’d all cross paths again down the trail.

The comments I read on FarOut made it seem like getting a ride into town was a little tricky. Some people mentioned they had to wait up to 4 hours to get a hitch. Luckily for me, the first person I threw my thumb out to gave me a ride! He was camping up in the mountains to get more acclimated for a Mt. Whitney summit tomorrow. We talked the entire way down the mountain about his adventures and life post-retirement. At the end of the ride, I thanked him and offered him some money for the gas + time, but he refused out of sheer kindness. How extremely generous!

Rest of the day was spent doing all the usual hiker chores. Eating lots of food, doing laundry, resupplying for the next stretch, and talking to other hikers along the way. Resting up now so that my feet are ready for the next 65 miles up to the next town! 


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