PCT Day 36

Miles: 702.2 - 716.5

Photo: Excited for the Sierras

Today was easily one of my favorite days on trail! The day started with sleeping in at Kennedy Meadows and getting a very filling breakfast of pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon at the general store. I met mleseitz and  feral_mike who were also planning to hike today. They also had the same goal of going slow and steady so we grouped together and went back to the PCT around 10 AM.! Shortly into the hike, we ran into up dabenor who had just gotten back on trail. He had the same mindset as us so he joined the crew! 

It was the first day on trail where I hiked with a group the entire day and it was amazing! Usually, when I hike with other people, we tend to split up during the day because of different paces and then meet at various spots down the trail. We all bonded over working in tech before heading out here, our love for electronic music and concerts, strange stories, and our favorite video games, board games, books, podcasts, and shows. Being around familiar people was definitely what I needed for my first day of hiking.

Near the end of the day, we all felt a sense of awe and wonder as we were finally entering the Sierras! High altitude, large meadows, scenic landscapes, and lots and lots of trees. If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see what’s up ahead!

15 miles felt like kinda a big day for me, but because we took breaks and took it slow, I think I am going to be okay. There is a tiny bit of pain in my arches, but it always went away after elevating my feet and resting. Hoping the routine of going slow and resting keeps things steady. 


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