PCT Day 6

Miles: 0

Photo: Pie and Pizza 

My first zero day! I slept in, charged up my batteries (literally), and then went into Julian to run errands. I got free pie at Mom’s by showing my permit, went to 2 Foot Adventures for some extra gear, got the PCT special discount sandwich at Jack’s,  resupplied for the next 60 miles, got a room with a bed, and ate even more town food! My feet are still messed up and covered in half-formed blisters, but I think by tomorrow I should be okay(ish) to go hiking again.


I also feel a new trail name coming my way. Today I lost three things. My tripod (again), my top retainer, and for a few minutes, my wallet. Thankfully I got the tripod back, and my wallet was really just in my pocket. That top retainer is just lost in the void now. Someone I knew came up to me later in the night and told me I was very lucky I already had a trail name. I imagine I’ll be losing more junk down the line so I think it would be fitting to lose my current trail name too. We’ll see how it pans out.


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