PCT Day 4

Miles: 41.5 - 56.2

Photo: My first tramily meal + reaching mile 50

I took it a bit easier today. I went pretty hard for the last two days and needed to ease up just a tiny bit. I don’t have my “trail legs” just yet. I also realized that I got a little sick from the altitude. I was above 6000 ft. Nothing some food, water, aspirin, and sleep couldn’t fix. Since I was feeling 100% confident to crank out another 20-mile day, I slept in, got real food with my first tramily (trail family), ran some errands, and then EVENTUALLY started to hike. The trail today was mostly downhill, but extremely windy. I’d call that good hiking. I also got to see more familiar faces of people who are in my hiking bubble. Everyone is slowly getting their trail names, becoming friendlier and friendlier, and just absolutely happy to be out here. I also hit my first milestone by getting to mile 50! Pretty stoked for the next 2600 miles!


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