PCT Day 34

Miles: 0


Photo: Peacing out for a little while


I thought that after two zero days I’d feel confident enough to continue hiking but this morning my feet said “we’re still not ready!”. I decided that instead of spending more zero days in Wrightwood that I’d call in the support and have my Dad pick me up and take me off trail once again. 


Doing two 27+ mile days nearly back to back was a huge mistake in retrospect. I should’ve just stuck to my goal of doing 16-20 mile days. It was working out so well for me! I’m just gonna take this as another difficult lesson to not test the limits of my body in such a haphazard way. Think like the tortoise, not the hare. 


Gonna rest up for a few days now. Hopefully see a podiatrist, in an attempt to get some custom insoles. Thinking I’ll get back on trail next weekend (or slightly before). Not sure if I’ll go back to where I left off, skip ahead just a little bit, or go straight to the Sierras. I’d of course do any miles I missed later in the year. It’s a lot to consider but thankfully I have a bit of time to decide. 




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