PCT Day 32

Miles: 0

Photo: Reflecting on a bridge

Since yesterday was a large day for me I decided another zero was needed. I will save 27+ mile days for later in the hike going forward. I also felt like I needed a day where I didn’t almost absolutely nothing. Usually, a zero also means I’m doing chores around town and preparing stuff for the next stretch. Since I did all of the busywork two days ago, it meant today was just about doing nothing. It's what I’ve been wanting since Big Bear so I’m glad it finally happened.

When I got back on trail at the beginning of the month, I was kinda trying to get rid of my trail name “Captain Leisure”. I didn't think it truly reflected who I was and what I did on trail. I got it during day 3 of my hike when Shakespeare said it on a whim, and I accepted it. Since then, I didn’t have a good reason to believe that I was the captain of leisure. The justification just wasn’t there. 

I reflected on all of this yesterday during my hike and I ended up reinvigorating my love for the name. I’ve come to realize I enjoy taking extra zero days when I can. I figure out ways to make the trail easier through slackpacking sections or changing directions. I plan ahead to make sure I have a nice place to relax when I get to the next town. I carry out town food for dinner after taking a zero. I essentially make the trail simpler and more relaxing for myself whenever I can. It took me a bit of time to realize it all, but I now feel like I properly deserve the trail name Captain Leisure 🫡 


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