PCT Day 31

Miles: 369.3 - 341.9 (SOBO)

Photo: Tracks Before Cajon Pass

Woke up, feet felt okay to hike, so I decided today was the day to go all the way from Wrightwood back to Cajon Pass. I slackpacked it down the mountain which made for 11.5 hours of leisurely hiking. I turned the brutal sun-exposed, 7,000 ft elevation gain, 17.4 mile water carry hike into a walk in the park. My best routing on trail yet!

During my descent, I got to see all the friends I’ve met over the last week who were either slightly ahead of me, or slightly behind me. It was fun seeing everyone’s reaction to what I was doing. It ranged from happiness to friendly envy, to just pure amazement. I knew I had something special going on when people were telling me things like “enjoy your walk” (instead of hike), “wooooooow!”, and “fuck you, you smart bastard”. Made me feel like I was legitimately cheating on the trail, but hey hike your own hike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I ended the day again with the celebratory McDonald’s. Didn’t hit nearly as much the second time around. Maybe that was my small punishment for embodying Cpt. Leisure today. 


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