PCT Day 30

Miles: 0

Photo: Escaping the Piping Hot Sun

Decided to take a zero today to avoid the risk of an overuse injury. I realized that I overdid it a little bit yesterday and my body told me to rest so I did. I checked out at the last minute at my hotel and skipped ahead by getting a ride up to Wrightwood, the next trail town I was going to run into in another 1.5 days or so. I rested for a few hours, did the usual town errands to get them out of the way, and then continued to relax.

The difficult part about getting from Cajon Pass to Wrightwood is that it is all uphill, in the heat, with a long water carry to boot. My thought was why not take a zero (or two) now, then slackpack it down the mountain back into Cajon when I’m feeling ready to hike again. Avoiding the difficult uphill battle while also carrying only food, water, and the essentials. I’ll take all the easy miles I can get so I think it's going to be the right move for me. We’ll see when I get out there again!


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