PCT Day 27

Miles:  277.7 - 293.2

Photo: Strolling Down the Mountain

I am again surprised by how many miles I’m doing right now. I only hiked 7 hours, with breaks included, and I was still able to crank out 18 miles. Very proud of myself right now.

The morning was really relaxing. Both Tiana and Stacy made me a great breakfast of English muffins, eggs, and bacon. Having a stomach full of good food probably contributed a lot to my successful day today. We took the scenic route around Big Bear Lake to get back to the trailhead where I had left off yesterday. We said our goodbyes and I was off. I had no idea I was the first hiker they ever housed until yesterday (I thought I was the second). I am so happy they decided to take a leap of faith and take me in. Taking it easy the last two days was much needed after that horrid desert section after the I-10. Thank you again, Tiana and Stacy!!

It’s weird how quickly my mind has stopped worrying about my foot problem (it’s still slight there though) and started focusing on other things. I’ve been told the PCT is a lot less hard physically, and harder mentally. The main thing that occupied my thoughts today was how hard it was to leave town, and how much I wished I was up ahead with the bubble of hikers who I met during my first week on trail. I knew that I had to accept they would be ahead of me when I had to get off trail several weeks ago, but I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to catch up to them within the next couple of weeks.

I was able to talk to my Dad today since I had a bit of signal and he suggested I flip-flop. Basically skip ahead a few hundred miles and then once I’m finished up at the Northern Terminus, I come back and make up what I missed. I definitely considered it last week when the heat was borderline unbearable. If I run into a string of days like that again I probably will skip more up north to avoid the late May/early June desert heat and to continue hiking with familiar faces again. Why suffer mentally and physically if I don’t have to? I have time to ponder on the idea so I guess we’ll see.


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