PCT Day 26

Miles:  266.1 - 277.7

Photo: Above Big Bear Lake

Today I decided to take a nearo to complete that extra section that I was hesitating on two days ago. I wanted a little less mileage before heading to Wrightwood because it made mapping out the next few days much simpler. Turned a 5 day trip into a 4 day trip. I guess I’m technically taking 5 days to get to Wrightwood after my zero day, but at least I get to sleep in a comfortable bed an extra night before heading out. 

I slack-packed it by leaving all the gear I didn’t need for the day at Tiana & Stacy’s. Pack felt nearly weightless without my tent, sleep system, and multiple days of food. The terrain was similar to what it was on my high mileage day (very cruisy) so it resulted in an amazing day hike. The views of Big Bear Lake near the end were just the cherry on top.


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