PCT Day 20

Miles: 181.2 - 190.5

Photo: Saying Goodbye to Idyllwild

After two zero days in a row, and spending what was essentially a week revolving around Idyllwild, it was finally time to say goodbye. I had my rest though, and need to finish the desert section within a somewhat reasonable timeframe. I will say, it did feel bittersweet since both Jeannine and General treated me like a part of their family. They told me I’m welcome back anytime. I will always be extremely grateful for their hospitality. 

After we had breakfast and said our goodbyes, Jeannine dropped me off at the trailhead. The climb out of Idyllwild was tough as the entire day of hiking was essentially uphill. Didn‘t help that 5 days worth of food was strapped to my back. Thankfully tomorrow is literally all downhill.

I’m also in the middle of a 19.3 mile water carry, the longest water carry I’ve had so far. That means that right now I’m “dry camping”, where you camp in a spot without a water source. I feel pretty confident I’ll make it through with water to spare, but I’m eager to be out of the desert section, where you don’t need to drag along 5 liters of water to survive.


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