PCT Day 2

Miles: 2.7 - 20.3

Photo: Frame from a vlog after eating a burger, milkshake, and drinking half a gallon of water. 

16-mile water carry. Carried 4 liters. Got totally destroyed by some elevation gain in the latter part of the day. Had less than 0.25 liters on a 4-mile downhill into Lake Morena. Realized after the fact I was dehydrated. Whoops! My legs are absolutely toasted from the sun. Got rattled by 2 rattlesnakes that were hiding in bushes (never actually saw them - before or after). Tl;dr my first full day of hiking was rough! Luckily tomorrow has water at regular intervals. Lake Morena also has a malt shop where I got real food. What an excellent end to the day!


I also thought a lot about why I’m even out here. There are so many many reasons why - nearly all of them personal. I was given the advice to just keep setting small goals throughout the day instead of thinking or the big picture. That really helped a lot. I’ll thank that person sometime in the future.



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