PCT Day 19

Miles: 0


Photo: Posted Up Near Mile 108ish

The intention today was to do a nero (near zero day). What ended up happening is a different story. I slept in a bit later than I expected, then did some last chores around Idyllwild. Things like organizing the last bits of my food resupply, going to the outfitter to pick up some biodegradable soap, returning some groceries since I bought a little too much, and stopping by the post office to mail out some postcards. I’m happy to take addresses for future cards! It was around mid-day when I realized that I wasn’t really in the mood to go hiking miles up a mountain in the 90-degree heat with my 5 days worth of resupply. I’ll head back up to the trail tomorrow morning when it’s nice and cool. 


Since I had some extra time today, I finally went and created a proper blog. That way the people I know who aren’t super fond of using Instagram or social media, in general, can still see what I’m up to. It will be linked in my bio for now. It contains all the posts I’ve made thus far with fixed spelling + grammar and full-resolution photos. It means a lot to me that y’all are interested in my hike, so thank you again to everyone who’s taken the time to read through these.



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