PCT Day 18

Miles: 0


Photo: Me & Mr. Rex


Music: Heartaches by the Number


When the Idyllwild family and I were talking around the table a few nights ago, one of the hikers, “School Girl”, mentioned that Cabazon had the “World's Biggest Dinosaur”. That jogged my brain a bit so I did some Googling and I realized that it was the same exact dinosaur referenced in one of my favorite video games “Fallout: New Vegas”. I ecstatically told them about the connection and I guess they noticed how excited I was about it because two days ago (while on top of a mountain after a huge climb) I got an invitation to tag along with the family on a day trip around the desert. The main attraction being the dinosaur. I couldn’t say no… 


We visited Cabazon and the cities flowing South of Palm Springs. Eating delicious food, visiting the sites, doing a bit of shopping, and just being around good company the entire day. It was amazing. I feel like zero-days will start to get harder and harder to take going forward. Half of my brain says I shouldn’t because I feel like I am a bit behind, but the other part says to be a “yes person” while on trail and just take every opportunity I get. I'm glad the second half won today.


Also, for the New Vegas fans - YES, you can go inside and up into the mouth of the dino. Craig Boone, Manny Vargas, and Cliff Brisco were nowhere to be found though. Same for Jeannie May Crawford. I wanted to buy a little souvenir that looked like Dinky, but there were none that matched well enough. Maybe another time.




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