PCT Day 17

PCT Miles: 179.4 - 181.2


Total Miles: 12.7


Photo: Summiting Mt. San Jacinto


It was a simple and extremely rewarding day. My only goal was summiting Mt. San Jacinto, and that’s exactly what I did. There was only one other hiker going up around the same time as me, and they finished wayyy before me. It meant that I had the whole mountaintop to myself, though I didn’t stay up there for too long. It was extremely cold and extremely windy. I had my fun though. 


Getting to the top felt like such an amazing accomplishment. Not only because my feet are cooperating more and more, but it’s also because it’s the highest altitude I’ve ever hiked in. My biggest fears right now are having to get off trail due to an injury, or altitude sickness. Today inched me just a bit farther from both of those. Starting to feel like I’ll be okay in the altitude of the Sierras whenever I get there.


Afterward, I hiked all the way down into Idyllwild to go back into the homestead of Jeannine and General. Dinner was tri-tip, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. The dessert was strawberry shortcake. Felt like heaven on earth. I also helped Jeannine set up a Facebook group for Idyllwild trail angels. I hope it brings future PCT hikers to a nice home to stay in when the time comes.




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