PCT Day 15

Miles: 151.8 - 162.7

Photo: Mountain in the Clouds

Was feeling confident enough to put in some miles again! Breakfast, provided by Jeannine, was chorizo egg + cheese burritos. I ate three of them…and then took one for the road. I’m now 4/4 on bringing out “real” food after a town day. Gonna try to keep that ritual going throughout the whole trail.

Grumpy gave me a ride back to the trailhead and I started hiking into the San Jacinto Wilderness a bit before noon. What a complete change of scenery! It still has a desert feel, but it’s just so much nicer being on some exposed mountains with amazing views. I was constantly stopping to check out the views of Coachella Valley and the areas before Idyllwild. Probably my favorite section thus far.

There were a few exposed ridges where the wind was reaally intense. I always had to readjust my favorite hat to make sure it didn’t fly away. It almost happened once after Mt. Laguna so I like to be extra careful. Whenever the wind picked up I couldn’t help but smile just because it just reminded me of how ridiculous this whole experience is (in a good way). I was a bit worried about not being able to find shelter from the wind tonight, but the site I ended up at is making my tent barely move at all. Thank goodness for FarOut comments.



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