PCT Day 14

Miles: 0


Photo: Idyllwild Monument 

Took the needed zero day today. Started off by sleeping in, then helping out with breakfast. The food came out in rounds. First was cinnamon rolls, the same exact ones my Mom used to make for my sister and me when we were younger. Second was bacon and sausage. Third was eggs. I sat at the table eating here and there over the course of like 2 hours while talking to everyone else who’s staying here. It was amazing. 

Later in the afternoon, I went running errands in Idyllwild. I checked out @nomad_adventures to get a groundsheet for my future experiment in cowboy camping. Basically just camping right under the stars without a tent, tarp, or bivy. I figure I’ll try it out on a more windy night since my tent makes WAYYY too much noise in the wind. I then got my groceries for the 5 days it’ll take me to get from Idyllwild to Big Bear. I’ll be starting that section after I backtrack to Paradise Valley Cafe and make up the miles I skipped getting to Idyllwild.

Right while I was making plans to get picked up and go back to the house, @blazephisio pulled up! I literally jumped for joy since I was wanting to see her the moment I noticed the pain in my right foot wasn’t going away yesterday afternoon. Turns out the pain was my post tib. Same tendon as last time, just the opposite foot now. She taped up my foot in a different pattern to provide new support and showed me a new lacing technique to prevent pain on the top of my foot which I’ve been needing for a while now. I think the plan is to just keep doing what I’m doing. Comfortable mileage, foot exercises, and listening to my body. Super happy I got off trail yesterday.

Since I wasn’t feeling any pain today, I am feeling confident that I’ll be able to tackle the San Jacinto wilderness starting tomorrow. The plan is to hike for 2 days from where I left off at PVC, go back into Idyllwild for a night to relax, pick up my resupply, and then keep on trekking from there. 



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