PCT Day 12

Miles: 129.2 - 145.4


Photo: Tramily Dinner at Mary’s


Today was BRUTAL! I don’t know if it was the heat, the ascending, not enough sleep because of the wind last night, maybe not eating enough? Whatever it was, I felt completely fried during the last 6 miles of the day. I was constantly taking breaks to avoid the sun, trying to drink as much water as I could, and doing something that I try and avoid…constantly looking at FarOut (the map) to see how much further I had to hike!!


The goal was to get to the water cache at Mary’s. It’s just a few miles away from Paradise Valley Cafe, a legendary diner that PCT hikers flock to for breakfast or burgers (depending on what time you arrive). When I got to Mary’s, I was happy to see the familiar faces of other hikers that I’d met over the last few days. Being together as a group felt like such a relief after a long day of hiking. It’s really comforting to be surrounded by people who just went through the same struggle as you. It’s one of the large things that keep me afloat on tough days like this one.




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