PCT Day 11

Miles: 115.0 - 129.2

Photo: Morning Mountain Climb

So last night I was a bit nervous. Near the end of hiking the 5.4 miles from yesterday, I felt a bit of a twinge in my feet. Similar to how it felt before I got the overuse injury that took me off trail. To get over my anxiety, I set a goal to hike 12.3 miles to Mike’s Place and stop there. Double what I did yesterday. Making sure to take as many breaks as needed if anything felt funky. The hiking wasn’t too bad. A lot of climbing but there was a breeze that came and went that distracted me from the sun. I made it to the infamous Mike’s Place around 3:00 and had a goal to leave by 4:00 if I was feeling up for it. Felt confident that I could do a bit more, so I had my shoes back on and I was ready to go at 4:00. Somehow I didn’t end up leaving for another 40 minutes… Time flies while on the trail, it’s crazy. The next site was only a few miles away and it felt right to stop there. Pretty happy since my feet held up better than I expected. Gonna aim for a similar mileage tomorrow and go from there!



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