PCT Day 8

Miles: 91.2 - 109.0


Photo: The Yeti + Eagle Rock


Another milestone achieved!! Mile 100 was TODAY! I sadly missed the 100-mile marker since I was distracted listening to my audiobook, but there will be many more markers to look forward to in the future!


The day wasn’t really hot temperature-wise, it was just stagnant. The sun beat down on everyone today with no breeze except a few gusts over 20 minutes or so. This is what I envisioned the desert section was gonna be like before I started. I took the last week of high winds for granted…


Since I didn’t want to hike mid-day, and the post office where my resupply package is located was closed (Sunday), I decided to hitchhike into the little town of Ranchita to visit the small Montezuma Market. The thing that stands out about this place is the large fiberglass Yeti standing outside of it. I was able to rest my feet, charge my phone, and eat a makeshift lunch of sandwiches, candy, and a can of Coke. 


This was my first time throwing my thumb out to the road to get a hitch. Before, it was trail angels helping at a well-known spot (Scissors Crossing). It took around 15 minutes or so, but eventually, a guy named Steve picked three of us up and took us down the road. He had no idea what the PCT even was, so it was very fun seeing him get kinda surprised when we told him. He mentioned that he’d love to do it sometime in the future and gave me a shark tooth for good luck. If he doesn’t make it to Canada one day, maybe the little trinket will.


After the market pit stop, I just kept hiking. I made it to the famous Eagle Rock and maybe spent a bit too much time there. I had to night-hike to get to the camp spot I was targeting. Thankfully there was still plenty of room to get a proper pitch. Also, my feet are still in pain. Might take it easy once I get to Idyllwild. 



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