PCT Day 7

Miles: 77.3 - 91.2

Photo: Eating pizza in the backcountry

Today marks 7 days on the trail! The days are flying by so fast! 

I got excellent news in the middle of the night via text. Becky (the trail angel whose house I camped at on Day 5) had found my missing retainer in the back seat of her truck! Absolute lifesaver! That was the main thing I was stressing out about yesterday so I was soo relived to find out that she found it. I’m taking EXTRA special care to not lose a single thing again on the trail ever again.


I was still in Julian this morning so I was able to sleep in, take a shower, get real food before heading back into the trail, and bring real food onto the trail. I got a hitch from Rangel (one of the more well-known trail angels in the community) back to where I was two days ago and started hiking again. The first half-hour or so was tough, mentally. Being in civilization for a day and a half made me immediately want to turn around and go back. I knew after a few more minutes I’d get back into the groove of things and sure enough the miles just kept racking up after that.


I am a bit concerned about some pain in one of my feet. It wasn’t here yesterday, only today after getting breakfast. I kept hiking on it since I thought it would just go away. It did for a while but near the last 4 miles or so it came back. I’m guessing I just tied my shoe a little too tight. Guess I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.


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