PCT Day 3

Miles: 20.3 - 41.5

Photo: Me lounging near Long Canyon Creek after a 8 mile section. I was given my trail name right after this.

Today was soo much better than yesterday. The entire day was basically uphill, but since it was a low grade it didn’t feel absolutely miserable. I was properly hydrated during the full 12-hour day, well-fed throughout, and had just enough breaks…right until the end. I was a bit zonked out once I reached Mt. Laguna. Had a hard time setting up my tent and getting oriented 😓

On the trail, you’re given a new name, a trail name! Today I was bestowed my trail name, “Captain Leisure ''. My hiker friend for the day “Shakespeare", blurted it out right after taking some photos of me lounging (quite comfortably) against a rock. It made me laugh, I thought it was perfect for that situation, it's strange, and I kinda loved it. I don’t know if I’m REALLY the captain of leisure after just 3 days on the trail, but I’m gonna own it for now!


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